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Introducing… Hermetic Delight

Quirky French trio take on Turkish pop rock for a skittish, squiggly throwback to late 80's rock.

Strasbourg-based trio Hermetic Delight are an indie band that creates some really quirky earworms. There is a splash of late 80’s rock production, a sprinkle of Turkish intrigue, and a whole lot of esoteric ideas wrapped up in some crunchy rock. Their debut album ‘F.A. Cult’ came out in 2020 with big drums, big production and plenty of variety as they move between punkish mess to crisp pop-rock. They remind me slightly of Bosnian Rainbows in that their riffs aren’t quite straight forward but they are very catchy.

Back in 2023, ‘Inci’ is their second single this year and sees them sing in Turkish, following on from largely English tracks previously. The song has lots of tiny mini guitar squiggles that all build together to make a ramshackle chorus that sounds like it’s wriggling to escape. Both playful and soulful with a hymn-like closing section, Hermetic Delight runs a full gambit of ideas in under four minutes.

Enjoy the odd music video for ‘Inci’ below, the track is out now. For more information on all things Hermetic Delight, visit their website.

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