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Habitat Canada – Lunar Spectrum Review

Horror tinged synthwave anthems ripe for TV placement and late night club dancefloors

What does Habitat Canada sound like?

Moody retro-futuristic electronica where the synths are cranked up to 11.

The review of Habitat Canada – Lunar Spectrum

With his love of horror movies and 80s synthwave, Habitat Canada returns with a new EP that is primed to satisfy your synthwave desires. Often feeling dangerous, dark and moody, each track could be a soundtrack to a stylish cyberpunk thriller or an 80s action movie.

photo of Habitat Canada
Habitat Canda

The first thing that grabbed me with this EP is Habitat Canada’s love of a synth run. In both ‘Scarecrow’ and ‘Stiletto’, the opening two tracks of the EP, I felt like I was grooving to David Hasslehoff’s Knight Rider. The synths were dangerous and with the latter track’s low piano rumbles and both tracks’ haunted vibe, both are dance anthems for Halloween. The closest music I’ve heard to this outside of the retrowave niche is Susanne Sunfor’s music. Cinematic, dramatic and full of big statements, then we get funky synth or guitar solos to round off each track.

Much of this EP sounds cinematic but ‘Willow Tree’ sounds like a stage select menu song. Thick rubbery bass, crunchy drums and synthetic vocal hums whisp around playfully over a three-chord piano riff that hints at something large-scale. ‘La Muse Rogue’ is where Habitat Canada lets loose with playful synth ditties that remind me of ABBA and classical music. The main synths jiggle around a Latin-tinged theme, oscillating between two notes like a Spanish guitar tremolo. It’s just we are doing it with synths and beats instead. The closing track is a cinematic pop song with guest vocalist Druzy adding a strong sassy vocal. The big bass, kick drum and handclap signature of 80s pop sounds of ‘Fascination’ sounds like a hybrid of Kylie Minogue and Cyndi Lauper. I could see it doing well at Melodifestivalen and being placed in an 80s revival show.

Most of this EP is ripe for TV placement and that’s where Habitat Canada’s strength lies. The way how he weaves darker, cinematic and panoramic themes is superb and there is always an underlying tension too. Heavy, but never too claustrophobic, ‘Lunar Spectrum’ balances the best of the darkest and danciest of synthwave music.

Recommended track: Stiletto

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Habitat Canada - Lunar Spectrum



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