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Introducing… hackedipicciotto

Celestial and exotic dirges to symbolise long term friendship.

Alexander Hacke and Danielle de Picciotto are hackedipicciotto, an experimental exotica drone duo from Berlin. Firmly categorised in the avant-garde musical universe, they are back with their fifth studio album titled ‘Keepsakes’ which is due out on the 28th of July. I’ve only just discovered them via their lead single ‘Schwarze Milch’ which I’ve found intoxicating. The song is a sultry drone of jazzy brushed drums, glockenspiel, zithers, hurdy-gurdy, electric guitar and various brass and accordion instruments. It’s like the song was originally a happy marching band or a circus act but it’s warped, twisted, slowed down and detuned into a dirge of madness. The name means Black Milk in German, which often symbolises an undernourished life. I think that’s where the lethargic drone effects come from but also it’s psychedelic ‘untethering from reality’ feeling I get too. Needless to say, I am an instant fan and hackedipicciotto has made an equally odd music video to suit the song too.

Hackedipicciotto has been going for over 20 years but say their upcoming album ‘Keepsakes’ is possibly their most personal. Each track on the album is dedicated to a friend, giving the album an immediate and enveloping warmth, and allowing each track to possess its own individual personality. When recording the album at the Auditorium Novecento in Napoli, they discovered a treasure trove of instruments, including a Celesta, which they used to give each song its own identity and personalise each song for the friend it was written for.

Enjoy ‘Schwarze Milch’ below, the track is out now. hackedepicciotto’s forthcoming album ‘Keepsakes’ is available to pre-order too ahead of its July 28th release date.

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