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Mitski returns with new single, album and a return to her acoustic side

Haunting the land with love is the next era of Mitski

‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We’ is the name of Mitski’s forthcoming album, due for release on 15th September. In many ways, the lead single ‘Bug Like an Angel’ signals a return to the acoustic rock side of her sound palette after exploring a poppier edge with her previous album ‘Laurel Hell’. The single is a subdued acoustic guitar, piano, choir and vocal track that explores a regretful exploration of alcohol. It chronicles that moment when you are hunched over the toilet declaring you won’t be drinking again and I think most of us have been there at some point!

Interestingly, the email Mitski sent out to alert of the single and album came with a note explaining that she’s renegotiated her label contract stating she wants to keep making records. It was written in a very unusual font that was difficult to read so I’ve copied it below.

There are a lot of things about working in the music industry, and about being in the public eye, that feels like it goes against my nature. I think you all might have seen me struggle with it, from time to time! But I am also in a miraculously lucky position, to be able to make music with resources and time, and to have an audience like you who give me the opportunity to perform. Ultimately, I recognized that I really want to keep making music, and I’m willing to take the difficult stuff with the wonderful stuff – like any job, or relationship, or worthwhile thing in life. So I renegotiated my contract with my label, and decided to keep making records. Thank you so much for your patience and support while I found my way here. I love you!

Mitski’s email message to fans

Enjoy the gut-punching single ‘Bug Like an Angel’ below, the single is out now. It sounds like a great opener for a highly anticipated album. The album itself will have an overarching theme of love in a time of chaos. Mitski describes loving other people as the best thing she’s ever done and that she wants the album to feel like “love is haunting the land”. For more info on all things Mitski, including news on the upcoming album, visit her website.

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