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Akira Yamaoka & The Silent Hill Band Full Concert Recording

How awesome is this? Akira Yamaoka’s Silent Hill band makes its US début and absolutely rocks it out. Mary’s voice is sublime, the music is stunning and that guitar… wow.

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Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill 4 OST Review

Silent Hill 4 -The Room- once again see’s Akira Yamaoka throw himself and the kitchen sink at a bizarre mix of ambience, noise, haunting melodies and rocked out beats. This time round the ambience and noise have been put on a back burner however as we gear up for the most melodic assault yet. Mary […]

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Akira Yamaoka – “Silent Hill Homecoming OST” Review

Two soundtracks in the same year, Akira Yamaoka has been busy with the Silent Hill series, and this is the sixth in it. Each soundtrack has bought something new. The original gave us the noise, the second gave us melodies, the third vocal pieces and beats, the fourth purposefully poor production and discordant chords and […]

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