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Sitorimon - Runner of Higher Plain Music

Higher Plain Music Returns From Friday 27th March

Expect lots during the catchup phase!

Stream music documentary “The Last Song Before the War” on NPR

A musical documentary

Eska – ‘Gatekeeper’ Review

British folk stripped back to the roots

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Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Introducing… Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Rocking like its the 90s

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Laleh – “Boom” Review

Mature Swedish pop with a disco beat

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Anne-Marie Sanderson

Anne-Marie Sanderson – “Shadows and Sparks” Review

Acoustic guitar beauty

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My Fellow Sponges

Introducing… My Fellow Sponges

Irish sextet soak up the atmosphere

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The Leisure Society

Introducing… The Leisure Society

Tender rockers

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Introducing… Ofeliadorme

Italian synth seduction

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The Great Escape

Introducing… The Great Escape

Funky soul rock to boogie on down to

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Federico Parra

Introducing… Federico Parra

Tribal spiritual voices channelled through your speakers

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The Garden

Introducing… The Garden

Punk + Grunge = WIN!

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Introducing… FalseHeads

Bringing grungey 90s back

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C Duncan

Introducing – C Duncan

Scottish whispers and whistles

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Johan Johannsson

Johann Johannsson – “The Theory of Everything Soundtrack” Review

Subdued with a current bubbling under the surface…

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Review – VLNA – “Turquoise Threads”

Ambience and introverse

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Kishi Bashi

Video Vault – Kishi Bashi

My favourite violist returns to ruin hearts and minds

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Christopher Tin

Higher Plain Music’s Top 25 Albums of 2014

It’s time to share Higher Plain Music’s top 25 albums of 2014

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos – Unrepentant Geraldines Review

Tori Amos returned back to her more piano based roots for her latest album Unrepentant Geraldines in 2014 after a foray off in the world of Orchestra. In many ways, it feels like the most stripped back and grass-roots album she has made in many years. It borrows from previous albums’ cues but has a […]

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Saint Agnes

Introducing… Saint Agnes

UK based psychedelic rock and roll!

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Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass – “Retro Active Vol 4″ Review

Bringing it back to basics

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Kazuo – “Shipwreck” Review

Interpretive drowning in ambient form

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Qntal – “VII” Review

A triumphant return after six years in slumber

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