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Jay-Jay Johanson

Introducing… Jay-Jay Johanson

Sweden's Thom York / David Bowie lovechild returns

How Abbey Road Studios Cut A Vinyl

How are Vinyl's made?

Introducing… LTO

Hypnotic industrial noise loops? It'll draw you in...

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Peter Ulrich

Video Vault – Peter Ulrich

Peter’s percussion returns with a new tale to tell

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Wired to Follow

Wired to Follow – “Read Write Execute” Review

Listen Contemplate Review Enjoy

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St Vincent

St Vincent – St Vincent Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks – Worth It?

Four extra tracks is not Deluxe for fans

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Introducing… Colleagues

Bringing vocoders into 2015 with style

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Christopher Tin

Angel City Chorale place full Christopher Tin concert online

A powerhouse of vocal talent

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Jillian Aversa

Zelda gets a musical tribute – complete with amazing elf ears!

Bringing elvish back!

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To You Mom

Introducing… To You Mom

Italian d├ębutantes channel Cocteau Shop Boys

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Video Vault – Dems

Minimalist pop rockers return

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Lila Rose

Video Vault – Lila Rose

Lila Rose returns with style

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Sitorimon - Runner of Higher Plain Music

Higher Plain Music Returns From Friday 27th March

Expect lots during the catchup phase!

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Stream music documentary “The Last Song Before the War” on NPR

A musical documentary

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Eska – ‘Gatekeeper’ Review

British folk stripped back to the roots

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NUREN Kickstarter combines music, film, game and VR into one huge experience!

A Virtual Reality musical experience

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Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Introducing… Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Rocking like its the 90s

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Bjork – “Vulnicura” Review

The heartbreak album of 2015 is here already – grab a tissue!

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Laleh – “Boom” Review

Mature Swedish pop with a disco beat

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Anne-Marie Sanderson

Anne-Marie Sanderson – “Shadows and Sparks” Review

Acoustic guitar beauty

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My Fellow Sponges

Introducing… My Fellow Sponges

Irish sextet soak up the atmosphere

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The Leisure Society

Introducing… The Leisure Society

Tender rockers

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Camille – “Ilo ympia” Review

The voice of a crazed nation

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