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Introducing… Dems

Electronic trio makes emotions boil
Desperate Journalist

Introducing… Desperate Journalist

New Wave unites!
The Ropes

Introducing… The Ropes

Disclaimer - chocolates and dogs should not go together

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Syd Arthur

Video Vault – Syd Arthur

Time to head back to 1965

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The Glass Child

Introducing… The Glass Child

Swedish lullabies made to rock

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Peter Ulrich

The Peter Ulrich Collaboration – “Dark Daddy” Review

Country Celtic swan song

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Una Lux

Introducing… Una Lux

Synth Art Rock – a growing genre has a rising star

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Casshern – “Helix” Review

Alternative chiptune artist gives us a belter

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Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin – “Unflesh” Review

Little Miss Claustrophobic 2014 Award goes to…

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Introducing… Ormonde

The slow burn of rock

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Oh Land

Oh Land Returns For Fourth Album

Danish pop at its finest

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Paper Aeroplanes

Video Vault – Paper Aeroplanes

English duo return and dust off their powers

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Lindsay mac

Introducing… Lindsay Mac

This winters dance anthem is sorted!

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Lila Rose

Video Vault – Lisa Rose

The shady beats are back!

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My Brightest Diamond

Concert Review: My Brightest Diamond

A true rock concert

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Miss Kenichi

Introducing… Miss Kenichi

Enter a new challenger to the female singer/songwriter clash!

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Feexer – “Diamonds And Defects” Review

European Electro-Rock made hyper real

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Introducing… Pinkshinyultrablast

Echoes of the reverbs of the days gone by

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Bjork’s Biophilia Live Trailer: Release Next Month

Live concert out next month

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Son Lux

Live Vault – Son Lux

80 minutes of synth art heaven

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Where Fires Are

Introducing… Where Fires Are

A few wild things hidden there too…

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Twink – “Critter Club” Review

Time toytronica visited our woodland friends for a fantastic mash-up!

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Kishi Bashi

Concert Review: Kishi Bashi

A memorable night with a warped violinist celebrating steak

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