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Steven Gizzi

Steven Gizzi – “The Terrestrial Orchestra” Review

Time for some instrumental genre hopping synth play!
Wired to Follow

Wired to Follow – “Everything in Colour” Review

We are coming in from space...
Mount Pressmore

Mount Pressmore – “Enjoy” Review

Bring me an electric piano and a cute guitar!

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Tanya Donelly

Tanya Donelly – “Swan Songs Vol 5″ Review

Rounding off a stunning collection in style

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Christopher Tin

Christopher Tin Performs New Album At Carnegie Hall

Bringing out all the language

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Books On Fate

Video Vault – Books On Fate

Bumper cars!!!

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Tellement – “Winter’s Hedgehog” Review

Gently does it for this Korean folk band

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Ephemeral Mists

Ephemeral Mists – “Illusions Blooming Softly” Review

Tantric electronica hedonism

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Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures

Game Review: Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures (PS3)

Pacman’s latest 3D Adventure needs gobbling up quick!

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James Hood

James Hood – “Ceremony” Review

Tuneful meditation in waiting

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Twink – “Happy Houses” Review

I introduce to you… toytronica!

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Simonne & The Dark Stars

Simonne & The Dark Stars – “Love Like You Never” Review

Get your jazzy hands on…

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Tori Amos

Tori Amos Discusses Unrepentant Geraldines

Back with a country flavour

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GoGo Penguin

GoGo Penguin – “V2.0″ Review

The piano has a new voice

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Son Lux

Son Lux – “Alternate World” Review

Remixing yourself

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Linda Perhacs

Linda Perhacs – “The Soul of All Natural Things” Review

44 years in the making – it’s damn fantastic!

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Sabrepulse – “Bit Pilot OST” Review

Chip is as chiptune does – a mini classic

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New tUnE-yArDs Album and Single Preview

Hola and bang that drum!

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Thy Veils

Live Vault – Thy Veils

Ten minutes of ethereal zen in a live performance

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Ras Xix

Introducing… Ras Xix

Got guitar?

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Introducing… B O F C

Yay for filth pop

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Brain Wave Productions – “In Flux” Review

A Megamind collaboration of some of the best chip artists around today

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Winifred Phillips

Winifred Phillips Explains Vertical Audio Layering

Get your learning hat on – we’re off to compose!

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