Eska – “Eska” Review

London and Zimbabwe collide into a beautiful mess of sounds and colours

James Nighthawk

James Nighthawk – “Beauty and Sorrow” Review

After a gentle lullaby of a début with The Twilight Sessions, James Nighthawk returns for the follow-up “Beauty and Sorrow” sets sail for pastures more eclectic with a fuller sound, ...

Under The Spotlight

Oh Man The Mountain

Oh Man The Mountain – “Floodplain” Review

Manchester mixes grungy production with folk roots for mixed results
Olga Bell

Introducing… Olga Bell

A new voice enters to warp your brain to shreads
The Secret Storm

The Secret Storm – “In The Sun EP” Review

Perfectly pitched for old and new fans for career 2.0

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Video Vault – Bjork

Lots of Bjork’s in a 360 degree interactive space? I’m IN!

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We Were Promised Jetpacks

Introducing… We Were Promised Jetpacks

In the Scottish hills there be rocking giants…

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The Wheel Workers

Introducing… The Wheel Workers

Part rock, part comedy, part get smashed down the pub = The Wheel Workers

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Introducing… Netsuke

Or how to write a great anti standard indie pop song

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Introducing… Paddy Hanna

Irish indie pop has a new challenger!

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Derek Bishop

Derek Bishop – “Bicycling In Quicksand” Review

Derek Bishop’s début album was all kinds of funky with disco infused piano vibes and plenty of production really pushing catchy songs into a top draw realm. Returning with more of the same but amped up, “Bicycling In Quicksand” rips out all the ballads and replaces them with glittering disco balls. The 70’s worship kicks […]

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Miracles of Modern Science

Video vault – Miracles of Modern Science

The best string rock group have returned 118-118!

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Flyying Colours

Introducing… Flyying Colours

The Go Team of the 90s today?

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Introducing… Colleagues

The smoothest of the smooth in electro pop

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The Secret Storm

Video Vault – The Secret Storm

Time to be kidnapped on purpose!

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Kasse Mady Diabate

Introducing… Kasse Mady Diabate

Mali has a fine musical tradition and Kasse is the Grand Daddy

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bitter's kiss

Introducing… bitter’s kiss

Watch that lipstick child!

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Paper Aeroplanes

Paper Aeroplanes – “Joy” Review

Welsh duo release a Tour De Force of dreamy folk pop anthems

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False-Heads – “Wear and Tear” Review

Riffing into oblivion

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LTO – “No Pasa Nada” Review

Bringing those experimental beats back

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Jay-Jay Johanson

Introducing… Jay-Jay Johanson

Sweden’s Thom York / David Bowie lovechild returns

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How Abbey Road Studios Cut A Vinyl

How are Vinyl’s made?

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Introducing… Cornelia

The new voice of British electronica has arrived

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Introducing… LTO

Hypnotic industrial noise loops? It’ll draw you in…

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Peter Ulrich

Video Vault – Peter Ulrich

Peter’s percussion returns with a new tale to tell

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