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Introducing… Bryde

Paper Aeroplanes' Sarah goes solo
Slow Riot

Introducing… Slow Riot

Irish post rock trio with a distinctive vocal tone
The Garden

Video Vault – The Garden

Grungy twins ready up for an album!

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Joe Discroll & Sekou Kouyate

Introducing… Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate

Where cultures and traditions collide…

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Lights and Motion

Introducing… Lights & Motion

Cinematic scoring that makes you want to ball your eyes out

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Air Formation

Introducing… Air Formation

Brighton’s epic shoegazers return with new EP

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Samantha Crain

Video Vault : Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain gets policed into protest with her new album

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Introducing… ABBY

German precision meets Icelandic art rock

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Introducing… Afriquoi

Modern and tradition collide with Brixton based Afriquoi

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Video vault – Niagara

Hypnotic electronica rock meets haunting timelapses

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Introducing: Zoya

Folk pop fusion has a new lady in town…

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Porco Rosso

Porco/Rosso – “Innerventions” Review

When rough round the edges improves the show

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Tom Winter

Tom Winter – “VGM Acoustic Collections 1 & 2” Review

Zelda on the guitar!

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Kurt Cobain

“Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” Review

Despite Nirvana, and by extension Kurt Cobain featuring a massive role in my early musical life, I really didn’t pick up much on Kurt’s own life as I was a child that found music on the music channels on TV and didn’t have access, nor want to buy music magazines. As a result, the music, […]

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Bic Runga

Bic Runga Returns!

My favourite New Zealand singer/songwriter bursts back on the scene

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Penka Kouneva

Penka Kouneva Releases “The Woman Astronaut” – Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of her latest orchestral odyssey

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Sara Curtin

Introducing… Sara Curtin

Meshing soul and folk to bring sexy back to darkness

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Son Lux

Son Lux – “Bones” Review

Ryan Lott channels angry and all his previous lyrics into an explosive if familiar album

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Jillian Aversa

Jillian Aversa & Doug Perry Cover “NieR”

NieR gets the Aversa treatment!

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Internet Radio

A Poll For My Readers: Would You Enjoy A Higher Plain Music Radio Station?

Would you listen?

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Temple Invisible

Video Vault – Temple Invisible

Ethereal trip hop from Romania

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Gary Lucas

Gary B Lucas – “The Way My Story Goes” Review

We love home brews and Gary Lucas is certainly one of those. The Brit returns for his new album “The Way My Story Goes” and its acoustic pop rock tones pushes a gentle confessional along quite happily. This is an album for those moments on banks of grass surveying the scene. Opening with “In Doubt” […]

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Seiken – “I Can’t Draw Faces” Review

Chip tunes pushing the art in artist

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