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Tsukiko Amano – “Cho” Review

While not directly involved with the game Fatal Frame 2 (Project Zero 2 in the UK), Tsukiko Amano made a song called “Butterfly” inspired from the game, which features the creatures in the game itself.

“Butterfly” is a rock number that combines heavily oriental influenced verses that contain creepy percussion and sweeping yet eerie strings with anthemic stadium rock choruses. Its as powerful as it is catchy and beautiful and the two different sides of the song compliment each other well to an electric experience that is highly enjoyable.

The only other song on the single is “Phenomenon” is more cheerful with a catchy verse and chorus using a more up-tempo beat and organs to compliment the guitars to give a jazz fused funfair feel. Definitely not a throwaway b-side at all. For anyone who has Tsukiko Amano’s b-side album – this is not the version on that as its been rerecorded so all the more reason to buy this single!

Not having heard anything from Tsukiko Amano before, I found this single a pleasant surprise and not only is it a great song inspired by a fantastic game, it has inspired me to buy her full length albums which I also recommend whole heartedly.

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