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Shiina Ringo – New DVD

Good old Shiina is enjoying her 10 year anniversary a lot! Her latest release this year will be “Zazen Extasy”, a live dvd to Shiina’s one-night-only concert to be held on 30th  July from a Fukuoka theatre stage. Will it be rock or will it be jazz I wonder? Its due for release in Japan on 17th September.


  1. CDJapan says this about the release:

    Second release from Ringo Shiina’s tenth anniversary campaign features a brand-new live DVD recorded at Shiina’s one-night-only July 30, 2000 premium performance at a Fukuoka theater stage.

    So I imagine that it will be mostly rock since she had only released Shouso Strip in Muzai Moritorium by then. I’m just surprised that she could have kept this under wraps for so long! I wonder if she planned this far ahead…

  2. That’s a great point 🙂 Just found out the concert was done in 2000! I think a lot of artists keep a lot of stuff up their sleeve and I think once you go passed a certain time in your career, releasing back catalogue stuff is fashionable.

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