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Video Vault – Sarah Slean

This weeks video vault comes from Sarah Slean and the song Day One which I didn’t even know there was a video for until about 5 minutes ago! It’s done in the same style as the artwork and the Mary video but its colourful and fun to watch. Have a peek here.

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  1. The video is actually done by Nelson Chan who I got to interview after he had done this video and Mary. I will try post a link to the archive of it that was on littleslean.

    Sarah and Nelson rejoined each other to creat the animated film Tales of the Baroness.

    Only part 1 of the 3 part film was shown on TV. The web site indicates that DVDs are able for pre-order for a date that has long come and gone. Based on a response during Sarah’s recent Q&A session some work needs to be done before it would get a final release.

    Trailes for the film are youtube too.

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