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Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive Remixes

Go back to when the original trailers of Mirror’s Edge were released and the first thing I wanted to know about the game was what was that main theme song! The hook grabbed me and infected my musical brain until I couldn’t get it out of my head. Now finally we have a soundtrack of sorts, in a 7 track CD single of various remixes of the song “Still Alive”.

Lisa Miskovsky has a strong vocal that lends well to this pop/alt-pop genre of music. Her voice cuts through the main keyboard tune that hooks you in and gives you a chorus to remember. The single kicks off with the original version and as a stand alone track it looses none of its potency. It still goes onto repeat and I still find myself singing along to it. A great vocal song.

The additional remixes aren’t so bad either! Starting off with “Benny Benassi Remix” (which has a radio edit and a full 8 minute version) we’re treated to a real guttural but euphoric synth led version of the song with a completely different hook but with a great ear for sampling Lisa’s vocals. It’s a completely different entity but its just as infectious and is definitely one for the dance floor. The 8 minute version is probably my preference of the two.

“Paul Van Dyk Remix” is more of a standard trance/dance remix which goes more etheral-esque for the chorus and then leaves the verses for the big bass beats. I’d imagine this’ll be the clubbers choice. “Armand Van Helden Remix” is a bit more dirtier in its sound and much more abstract. This is the only remix I didn’t really understand as its like Helden chopped out Lisa’s vocals and the small piano riff and then left them completely separate to the rest of his remix. It’s not until the final two minutes that it falls together in a more cohesive way but I was left a bit flat by it all.

“Junkie XL Mix” however is completely different altogether. Coming across like a space odyssey with fluffy bell keyboards and distorted siren vocals, it sheds new light on the piece. The way how the chorus’ are remade with all kinds of organic instruments makes me yearn for an acoustic guitar, piano and bell version of the song! Finally “Teddybears Mix” is a very tight remix, taking the main song and giving it a funky beat that makes you want to swing your hips and bounce in the chair – no bad thing then!

Overall I’m very impressed by the collection. Only one remix didn’t really do it for me and it surprising how familiar yet different all the other mixes are. If you love the theme song then you’ll rave over this CD single. HPM has been eagerly snapping up a few of Lisa’s solo albums so expect reviews of them soon too as this is highly recommended.

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