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Rock Band: Beatles – E3 Press Conference Video

Harmonix have long been doing great things with music games (Frequency & Amplitude) and now their Rock Band series is getting the Beatles look. Take a look at their E3 presentation in a special video made for Higher Plain Music by the fantastic Jeriaska. Jeriaska is runner of Nobuooo.com , Jeriaska.com and also a great vimeo channel packed with various goodies and interviews.

Without further ado then… Rock Band: Beatles! Following the same concept as all Rock Band’s before them, taking your individual instruments and then pressing the right note or hitting the right drum at the right time. However everyone knows many Beatles songs so now instead of being a pure rockers dream, its now in prime position to eclipse SingStar as the drunken Saturday night party game. I can hear the renditions of “Hey Jude” already…

This video follows their E3 presentation of the new game! Enjoy!

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