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Most Viewed: August 2009

imogenheapAnd so to August 2009 where we had a four way fight for the top this month, won by Imogen Heap whereby more people actually viewed the tracklisting after the whole album was posted as a streaming audio on the website and people didn’t actually listen to the album itself! However, HPM has not reviewed Ellipse (although I personally love it already) because I’ve ordered the two disc edition and want to hold on until it comes through.

Behind it was all go for OverClocked Remix, Module and Brendan Perry.

01) Imogen Heap (^)

02) OverClocked ReMix (v)

03) Module (NE)

04) Brendan Perry (v)

05) Utada (v)

06) Kento Watanabe (NE)

07) Akira Yamaoka (^)

08) Hiroki Kikuta (v)

09) Vienna Teng (v)

10) Baiyon (NE)

Top 3 Games

01) Shatter

02) Numblast

03) Magic Ball

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