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Live Vault – Brendan Perry (New Songs From Ark)

Well I’ve had a listen to the whole bootleg recording (aren’t I naughty) and Brendan continues to perform like an absolute dream. Brendan has such a weight to whatever he puts out, its immediately credable and drilled to such a point, its like a live album every time. The new songs, to be featured on Ark are “This Boy“, which is beautifully haunting, the fluid promise of hope in motion “Utopia“, the sublime “Winter Sun“, the rocking “The Golden Rule” and the utterly beautiful “Dream Letter“.

I have also heard “Eros” which is very Peter Ulrich sounding and “Love on the Vine” which was much more a band effort and has Brendan’s vocal chords very much in demand! Ark is definately gearing up for album of the year already!

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