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Emiliana Torrini – “Unemployed in Summertime EP” Review

Emiliana Torrini is a great gal for releasing EP’s with single remixes and alternate versions of the main song she’s promoting. “Unemployed in Summertime” was from her “Love in the Time of Science”  and is a great summery pop tune with her usual quirks and twists.

On the EP the music video version, a “Tore Johanson Remix” is present. There’s a lot more acoustic guitar and drum snares flying flying around left, right and centre and its just as great as the original version, which was a piece of sublime pop to begin with anyway.

Also on the EP is new song “7-Up Days” is more rolling folk rock and is quite unlike almost every other song Emiliana had done before or since  – possibly Fireheads is the closest. It’s quite catchy and anti-hooked at the same time with its unusual chord structure and guitar side by side with Torrini’s sweet voice making it quite an interesting sound.

The EP finishes with an acoustic version of “Tuna Fish” which is slinky and sassy with some great acoustic guitar and brass interactions (possibly a tuba, but I’m not sure). Either way, its a great version and has quickly become a favourite overnight.

It’s great that someone still releases singles that have good content on them as not many artists do these days. Although this is an old example, Torrini still does this today and I for one absolutely appreciate it.

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