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Whispers of the Plains: Myra Flynn

Upon tuning into one of Gregory Douglass’ webshows, a special guest appeared who came across genuinely enthusastic about all and everything with an infectious personality and then when she sat at the keyboard and played a song, it captivated me! I had to find out who she was that was indeed Myra Flynn. After tracking her down, HPM was able to have a quick chat with the singer/songwriter to find out more about her…

What are your earliest memories of getting musical and what was it that made you decide to become an artist?

I was always the kind of “Look at me! Look at me!” kid, so I think when I realized that people would actually stop and LOOK AT ME when I sang a Michael Jackson song, I was hooked! I’m guessing I was about six, and not much has changed 🙂

You’ve been compared to Adele and Joni Mitchell in the same breathe which is quite a musical span. How would you describe your music to someone about to delve in for the first time?

I would warn them that if their not into lyrics first, then they wont like my stuff. I’m really just learning how to be a good singer and musician now. For most of my life, the music has always been a bothersome vehicle for my message. I’m now realizing I may need to sugar coat the pill a bit before serving up a giant platter of personal opinion. I think I’m finally finding that balance.

You’re debut CD “Crooked Measures” was released last year. Tell us a bit about how you got to record it. Did you enjoy the experience?

That was an interesting experience because I was laid off from my day job smack dab in the middle of recording. Yikes! So I really scraped together my pennies to stay on track and finish it. Recording with Vermont producer Colin McCaffrey was a blessing. He really taught me to how to take music seriously as a profession and a hobby.

You manage to get out and play a lot of gigs around your local singer/songwriter arenas. I take it live performance is something that’s important to you?

For sure. It’s important that folks get to come see that you are a human being, not just some name behind a computer screen. I’m still a huge believer in the troubadour mentality, even with all the business opportunities the Internet has provided. There’s just something about seeing a live show, ya know?

Given the chance would you rather have a world tour or a massive recording studio to record the next album in?

Well I think I’m doing just fine recording in Vermont studios! Plus I’d rather support the indie producers, so I’d take the world tour!

You’ve been working with fellow singer/songwriter Gregory Douglass for your next future release. Tell us how you two became friends and whats going to be going on with the collaboration!

God you know, Gregory is such a magnetic, creative, hard-working person; it’s tough for everyone in his life to not latch on and stalk him a bit! Apparently he doesn’t mind my stalking though, because we spend nearly three days or more a week together. I think initially we met bitching on the street about the music industry, and realized we needed to more of it but over cocktails. After becoming fast friend, I realized he had a home studio and asked if he would ever produce my album. He agreed and it truly has been magic from there. He has helped me grow in so many ways while offering great companionship and mentorship all along.

Is there anything else you can divulge about the future of Myra Flynn?

I’m thinking a cool music video may be in the works in early 2011. Also, a Northeast tour in the spring. You can always check out my gigs at :

Finally, what would be three key things you’d need for the perfect night in or out 🙂

IN: Red wine, a piano, and my chihuahua Polo.
OUT: Red Wine, vintage clothing of some sort, and my iPhone (AKA the thing that keeps my life together).

HPM thanks Myra for her time to come and talk to us and wishes her best of luck in the future!


    1. You’re most welcome Glory. It was a pleasure to see you the other night, why aren’t you releasing some stuff 🙂

      If you need any publicity for anyone else at Bluebird let me know, I shall try my best to help. Looking forward to seeing Lisa tonight actually!


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