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Faye Wong ~ “Eyes On Me” Single Review

“Eyes On Me” is the vocal theme taken from Final Fantasy VIII. Sung by Faye Wong, this is a love song that’s played during a certain point in the game where the lead characters love for each other is declared. The songs lyrics are a little too sickly, but do enough to demonstrate the feelings shown in the scene. The music is very sweeping, with strings complimenting the main tune extremely well. It has a presence to it as well that means you will listen to it again and again. It is a beautiful song that saw the start of having a vocal theme in every RPG a must-have. That’s the reputation it lives up to. Enough said!

The b-side to the single is a song of Faye Wong’s, sung entirely in Japanese (rather than English in “Eyes On Me”) called “Red Bean”. It follows a similar style to “Eyes On Me” but is a little more reliant on Faye’s voice and soft tinkering on a piano. It’s another nice song that has a beautiful melody that although its not catchy, still will have you swaying around in your seat to it!

To round off the single, is the Karaoke version of “Eyes On Me”, which you can sing along to with all the backing vocals still left on so you can give your own stage performance! Even the words are supplied for you!

“Eyes On Me” has been accused of being too childish, but in this reviewers opinion, I think it is a beautiful song that’s more than worthy of being the main theme.

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