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Venus Hum – “Mechanics & Mathematics” Concert DVD Review

Venus Hum’s first live DVD is entitled Mechanics & Mathematics, which is also the title of their third album, and is a great insight into how the band work and how they present themselves live.

The DVD starts off with a 20 minute documentary about how they made their third album and how they work to write songs as a band. It’s informative without ever being techy and shows off all their personalities nicely.

The concert kicks off with “Emergency” and what becomes apparent is how crystal clear Annette’s vocals are and just how busy Kip and Tony are switching instruments and twiddling knobs! The concert covers songs from across their entire career with personal highlights for me being “Hummingbirds”, “Yes & No”, “Mechanics & Mathemactics”, “Soul Sloshing” which has definately been sped up and “William’s Last Day At Work” but my favourite of the concert is the aching beautiful “Tell Me Secrets” which is the only real slow song in the concert and shows a completely different side to the band.

The DVD is about 90 minutes long and stick around after the credits for a beautiful improptu version of “Alice”. Venus Hum’s first DVD is great. You’ll be dancing around the T.V. singing along and catching the infectious joy that Annette especially seems to carry with her on stage. A great introduction and a must have for all fans!

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