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Faun – “Ornament” DVD Review

Ornament is Faun’s second live DVD that once again encompasses the tour de force that is Faun. It covers two festival gigs, an unplugged improptu concert in a garden and a quite revealing interview and its all, all kinds of fantastic.

Starting off with the Paganfolk 2006 concert, we get a cameo from fellow styled band Omnia on the didgeridoo (plus Faun and Omnia teamming up for a bonus track which is fantastic) and some real feet stopping, atmosphere tingling performances, especially “Pungara” which is a personal favourite. What really stands out is just how multi talented all the band members are as they swap instruments, sing and bash their way through their songs to absolute note precision. The sound is of very high quality too which must have been a task recording all these live instruments. Also big thumbs up the stage design!

The Totem 2007 tour is the larger 50 minute concert and this allows the band to play a broader spectrum of their tracks. The fabulously empowering “Andro” is a powerhouse, as is the mesmorising “2 Falken” which blasts the speakers as sounds from past and present converge. “Rosmarin” has a slightly apocalyptic tinge to it with its extended closing melodies which are Faun’s equivilent of going mad for an encore. By the end of the song I was actually clapping and cheering in my own living room, having forgotten I was never there! Old favourite “Wind & Giege” is perfectly executed too.

The unplugged section is achingly beautiful. “November” sounds extra lonely when its stripped to just guitar, harmonium and voice, gently played under a tree. “KaRuna” is just pure melodic bliss and “2 Falken” stripped down to guitar/vocal is actually quite haunting and transforms the song into something completely different.

The interview is quite interesting, dealing with their fame, their motivations, how they found eachother and how things have changed over time. English subtitles are available thankfully if you don’t speak German!

“Ornament” is a fantastic live DVD. It’s individual segments combine to show you the in’s and out’s of Faun and I defy anyone not to listen to their music and fail to be swept away. Magic!

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