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Jeans Team – “Totes Kino / Cocktailstander” Review

Jeans Team are rather random. Higher Plain Music do like a bit of random so we like Jeans Team! With their new maxi single released yesterday, Jeans Team introduce themselves as an electro sex pop kitty bop bouncefest. The closeest other example I could give you soundwise is if you took Fischerspooner’s electronic sleaze  and crossed it with Freezepop’s insanely simple but fun feel and tone – Jeans Team would be their baby!

“Totes Kino” is insanely simple yet addictive to the point where it will be stuck in your head for a long, long time. I did want to do a robotic dance to it while going a little mad. The track has great energy and despite being very simple, it doesn’t bore at all or outstay its welcome. “Kein Mensch” is essentially the same song extended with the vocals distorted ala The Knife. It doesn’t detract from the fun elements at all and makes a good alternative.

“Cocktailstander” is equally fun. It follows the same single bassline and beat but this track is much more experimental and goes off into the relm of various sound effects and obscure sounds. Jean Team’s penchant for using pretty much one line of vocal per song goes amazingly far to be honest, although I’m not sure a whole albums worth would work in the same manner! Still, this track and its Riley Rehnold Remix manage to get away with it and keep things fresh and inventive. The remix actually tries to go down a more atmospheric route which works well and the track becomes more like an electro-static repeat rinse.

Radio Edits of both tracks complete the fun Maxi Single which will be gobbled up by fans of electro-trash/ seedy electronica styled music. I’ll be keeping a definate eye on how Jeans Team evolve!

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