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Soap & Skin – “Sugarbread” Review

soap&skin“Sugarbread” is the three track single that rounds off for Anna Plaschg the “Narrow” section of her music. Seemingly not fitting on the short album, these three tracks make their own morbid dance on the soul.

The title track “Sugarbread” showcases Anna at her demonic best. Warped string and brass sections march out a beat over heavily reverberated percussion smashes and kick drums. Anna’s backing vocals are duelling and screaming over her own calm yet venomous main vocal whilst the occasional choir bursts in for a holy burst of evil. It’s suitable screwed to the nth degree and that’s why I love it. “Me and the Devil” is a cover yet you’d never guess it as the strings and drums march and soldier on whilst Anna gets more angry and shouty on this track. Although there’s not much progression in the overall sound it holds a mechanical marching space that certainly enraptures your mind. “Pray” rounds off the single with a short, almost abstract piano led track which starts off very similar to her début as word after word jelly rolls out purposefully.

Essential for all Soap&Skin fans, it rounds off this period of Anna’s music perfectly. What will she bring next?

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