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Adam Fielding – “Are You With Me” Review

Bring on the epic sci-fi adventures of Hudderfield!
Adam Fielding
Adam Fielding

Adam Fielding’s talents show no sign of growing and developing as “Are You With Me” shows. As a natural progression from the sublime and epic Icarus released last year, this three track pay as you want release takes a single song and gives you three distinct versions of it.

The first is the original and focuses on clean, crisp beats over a lot of high reverb and bass dubs. There’s some clever glitch work hiding in the background as the various sumptuous synths and electric pianos melt over the top of each other. It shows exactly how Adam can make such an epic sound with so many tiny components. The multi layered vocals blast in at half way and compliment the dark soundscapes perfectly with his drawn out intonations. The second is a Soundtrack Edit and this pulls things back to the 2012 release All Is As It Should Be which focuses on auras, ambience and new age shifting soundscapes. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect in a Ron Frickie film and is as gorgeous as it is epic. There are tons of tiny details that stop it ever being sterile. The first is an instrumental version of the first track so you can really appreciate all that detail uninterrupted.

Adam Fielding’s music always feels like going on a space odyssey and this is no different. A perfect place to start and experience the two sides of his work and then you can dive into all his back catalogue – all of which is very highly recommended.

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