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Mount Pressmore – “Enjoy” Review

Bring me an electric piano and a cute guitar!
Mount Pressmore
Mount Pressmore

Tightly woven jolly rock riffs are Mount Pressmore’s thing and they run with it in their excellent first full length release “Enjoy”.

“Here We Go” introduces you to the band perfectly with crisp guitar riffs riding perfectly on one side alongside electric piano riffs in the other. The vocal delivery reminds me of a deeper and more powerful version of Presidents of the USA and indeed their general vibe is fairly similar albeit, and even their music videos share a comedy value. The lead can really go for it and does so in a non dramatic fashion. “The New Regional Branch Manager” continues the interplay of electric piano, guitars and vocals. It also showcases the bands penchant for keeping round a chord or tone and playing around it. “Dry Land” veers to the more psychedelic vibe with the electric piano and backing vocals evoking a wave and sea in the background to carry you off before the excellent “Trampoline” showcases tight hooks and catchy choruses and remains my favourite track from the album.

The other favourite track of mine from the album is the slower, more deliberate “A Place In the Sun” which starts off as a revolving electric piano and vocal melody that swirls round and round in your head before drums explode into it and then later guitars for a heady finale. It’s catchy and very well constructed. “Vice-Presidential Material” is the other radio friendly track that bashes the hell out of two notes on a bass guitar. It gets really spangled in the second half as their pop rock jazz side comes out in full flourish for a rich and warm close to the track. “Interchange” feels like a small stab into Math rock with a punchy stop/start riff and a rolling, off beat chorus and changes things up beautifully. “Dawn, Bingham” is a slower track and a real slow burner. I didn’t really get it on the first few listens but it’s all about the slow unveiling and build up to the very 1970’s layered aaah finale. It’s now one of the more memorable tracks as a result of it and I’m glad I took the time to get to know it. “Agnostic” stays in the 70’s in many ways with its funky piano and cute guitar riffs. This track has the best and most immediate chorus and gives you a good feel good factor before “Dakota” rounds off a well paced album with a middle tone rock track.

Mount Pressmore are a funny band to recommend. They take a few listens to really get into as their riffs are small and swirling as they allude to a bigger riff that goes over a larger rhythm. If you take your time though, there is a ton to appreciate.

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