Book Group – “Tantrums” Review

Book Group

Book Group

UK based Book Group are a catchy melodic rock quartet that really got my pulse racing with their second EP “Tantrums” released earlier this year.

The four tracks show a slightly darker take on pop rock and “Here Is Too Near” is probably the most radio friendly of them. A catchy hook, with a lovely guitar riff for the bridges, the sound is polished and together. The vocals really range from a true English mumble to a less flamboyant Placebo and back again. He suits the rock vibe perfectly. “Get Up and Go Go Go” initially is a quieter song but its mid tempo verses belie a rousing chorus that rises through the chords and mini riffs. It also showcases the groups love for a megaphone vocal effect – something that’s scattered throughout their music. It shows they can do sensitive as well as out-and-out catchy rock. “Rough Wooing” is the most eclectic in terms of sound. There’s dazzling keyboards and a wood block that take over the higher end of the album as the track has a shoegazey-psychedelia edge to it – like the end of a party when everyone has those last hugs goodbye whilst hung over! “Best Regards” then rounds off the EP with a spangle grunge rock. It’s fast, full of hooks and two chord patterns. It really makes me want to shout the lyrics along with the band and mosh out loud – my favourite track from the EP.

Anyone whom enjoys Placebo, Stone Temple Pilots – that kind of messy riff rock – should take to the Book Club like a pair of glasses to a librarian. Great stuff from the UK!

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