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Loreen – “We Got the Power” Review

Anthem on the dancefloor

Loreen, 2012 Eurovision winner appears to have vanished off the music scene which is a shame as her sole single from the seemingly never to be released/delayed second album is another good slice of Euro-Pop.

“We Got the Power” has a militant percussive stride to the dance beat and Loreen’s aggressive side of her vocals shine here as she locks her voice between notes with a click in the verses before the chorus becomes an almighty chant of football/Olympic anthem proportions. The second track is a more disco rock rework rather than the anthemic route. It brings forward to club bops and guitar bass line but is neither different enough to standalone from the original, nor really any better.

Let’s hope Loreen can rock out dance clubs again soon – talented and relatively unique in the pop world – she deserves another go (or go indie please!)

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