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False-Heads – “Wear and Tear” Review

Riffing into oblivion

Trio False-Heads burst onto my ears late last year and their latest EP “Wear and Tear” continues to cement their presence as an exciting British mix of grungy home made rock with some of the more psychedelic elements of far out rock and placing them in four minute anthems.

“Wrap Up” is a great example of this. It’s riff rocking is relentless, but the chorus and verses are just as catchy and relentless. The song itself doesn’t fit a usual structure and veers off into various heavy eight bar crazy riffs and band solos – whereby the entire band is contributing to the entire riff. It is an absolutely cluster of head banging joy and a fantastic opener. “Twentynothing” is a more straight forward track with its focus on strong riffs and letting the vocals moan and mumble over the track in a grounded and slightly detuned way as it is piped through a radio effect so that it doesn’t quite sit fully on a certain tone. It enhances the home brew sound that works so well, but allows the drums, guitars and bass to be full of power and prowess. “Snatch” makes me smile as the guys get as mainstream rock as they can. The English common “aahhht” instead of “out” (I am from Essex so it makes me laugh even more) really pouts out. It’s like the Sex Pistol’s rock class of singing as commonly as possible. Elsewhere the music is just rocking as before but with a sheen of happy to it and could be radio friendly. “Nothing In There” then turns towards a Radiohead style track. More low key and brooding than riffing to the max, this showcases False-Heads ability to do the slower tracks effectively and even when the vocals are off tune, they still sound good – which is quite an achievement!

Higher Plain Music is very much looking forward to their album output which threatens to be an absolutely blast and by the evidence of this EP, they are well on their way to creating a fantastic sound that will garner a decent following.

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