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Ghost Marrow – “Bunraku Warrior” Review

When beauty gets twisted
Ghost Marrow
Ghost Marrow

The creepy and haunting release from Ghost Marrow is probably as creepy as the Bunraku puppets that the album is named after. Seriously – google that – they look evil! Now you’re suitably creeped out, Ghost Marrow’s warped chanteuse presence will seem strangely alluring.

“Swallows Nest” tells you immediately that all is not well in Ghost Marrow’s world. The electronic undertones the bubble under the haunting melodies are a perfect way to swaddle you against the lullaby singing Aurielle Zeitler brings to her music. She has layered herself many times she sickly sweet love only makes the dark chords sink deeper. It all crashes to a cathartic finale before the slow and deliberate title track follows. The mix of strings and guitars create a time-stood-still effect. I love that the track takes its time to create a safe space but really quietly in the mix there’s some electronic effects kicking off so sub consciously I’m thinking “nope – this is all evil!” “Like Water” gets drops for using water drops for keyboard effects although it may be a glass armonica. The start/stop nature of the guitar riff makes this the solace track but the sultry smooth voice of Aurielle is like a siren calling you to your doom.

“Deletion 8” takes things down the synth ambience path and mixes bass guitars, weird percussive noises, violins and lots of freaky effects to build up a tense horror movie like track. “Munich” is not much happier as its long tailed synths wail and weep into your ears. It’s a slow paced track but there’s a thumping kick drum underneath the whole thing which only makes the more Soft Cell like discordant sections slightly more darker than dark! The synth side stays for closer “Hollow Log” which sounds like a warped Close Encounters of the Third Kind being played in a kiddies circus at times. This is a good thing – as is the unlayered vocals. Typically its difficult to get the lyrics the first few times due to how much reverb and layering there is but on this track everything is crystal clear and no less captivating.

Quite possibly one of the most uniquely artistic albums to come out in 2016, Ghost Marrow is certainly not for everyone. It’s like an intense stalkers lullaby – warped and twisted but yet still soothingly beautiful in its own way. I really like it and recommend it for those that like weird things not because they are weird – but because they move you on an emotional level.

Recommended track: Swallows Nest

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