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Staccato Cast : Derek Bishop

Derek builds his track up piece by piece for Higher Plain Music
Derek Bishop

It’s with great pride I launch episode one of my new podcast – Staccato Cast! The podcast is where musicians take a single track and walks us through their creative process from conception to completion. You’ll hear stems, demo tracks and the finished article interwoven with conversation.

Episode one features Derek Bishop, who released his second album Bicycling in Quicksand in 2015. He discusses his indie pop rock anthem Taffy – a track that tackles the 24/7 business culture that the world has twisted society into.  Derek also discusses how he builds a track, his love of the clavichord and trying to make a catchy song still seem sincere.

You can sign up to the soundcloud playlist so additional episodes will appear on your home page. A massive thank you to Derek Bishop for taking the time to talk to Higher Plain Music.

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