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Ryoji Ikeda comes to London for a new music and visual installation

Electronica binary art to submerge in
Ryoji Ideka
Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoki Ikdea comes to the Barbican Theatre for his latest audiovisual installation on the 30th September and it’s such a unique and strange experience, I thought other fans of electronica art may find it interesting. Ikeda has previously deal with showing how music in different frequencies and data patterns can be shown in a binary 1’s and 0’s format. The result is something that is both trance and epileptic inducing (genuinely do not watch the video if you suffer from it!!!). As Ryoki’s work is also about frequencies, visitors often say they feel the music as well as see.

Enjoy a video of a previous installation called “Test Pattern” below – and try to not laugh at some of the visitors’ interpretive dances.

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