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Clint Michigan – “Centuries” Review

Folk to bitch to
Clint Michigan
Clint Michigan

Clint Michigan’s new album “Centuries” is a country tinged rock album that has the weariness of a hundred years seeping into every chord of every song. Across it’s short 30 minute run and nine tracks, Clint’s music, a little like Sea Wolf in the sad rock genre, makes its stay a very pleasant one to let your thoughts run around to.

“Knickerbocker Street” is the single in waiting with its tight riffs, catchy chorus lines and radio friendly minor chord heaven. Clint’s soft voice is layered in a way that makes each line sound like you are being given knowledge from the source tree and the layered approach throughout the album works perfectly. The subjects across the album are all about defiance and resilience in various situations and how you feel about the endless drive onwards. The beautifully depressing and downtrodden “Beg For It” laments over the same old ball and chain to chugging drum machines and lonely organs. “I know the drill, I’m American” states Michigan which is one of those lines that is beautifully open to interpretation.

“Steven Says” dream folk’s its way over mislaid priorities with its string and ukulele plucks giving that mild country tone. “The Way Out” is a barn like ballad about picking the wrong man whilst “Tired of Being Kind” follows the title track as you hear the wearing down of that resilience and defiance. Some of this will come from the LGBT+ community aspect that Michigan obviously sings of, but there’s enough here to place the excellent lyrics on whatever your beef of today’s society is (Clint is not a fan of food porn pics!). The best ballad on the album is the timeless “Shirt Off” which deals with self confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. It leads into the closing two tracks which are more about reflection on life and it’s battles.

As an album, “Centuries” is remarkably cohesive as each song effortlessly blends into the next whilst sounding individual and different. Anyone looking for a new folk singer songwriter to raise a glass to or enjoy a quiet moment with, add Clint Michigan to your list. It’s quite cathartic to have someone to bitch about the world with.

Recommended track: Knickerbocker Street

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