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Introducing… VTR


London based electronica duo VTR are busy preparing for their new EP entitled Soul to Skin, and the title track’s music video is the embodiment of that phrase. Skirting the fringes of NSFW, the music video features kissing in reverse and piles of writhing bodies intertwined searching for connection and intimacy. The track itself is what really drew me in though. VTR has created over the three and half minutes, a piece of music that slowly shifts from its abstract tones to something more taut and tense. As more soft embellishments join the mix, it’s like a tension is rising inside wanting to burst but instead of exploding into a fury, it ends with a simple vocal refrain. It’s quite unique and has me really intrigued as to where the rest of the EP will take me.

Soul to Skin is out now, and I’ll be picking up a copy for review later on, but until then – please do enjoy the music video below and play this track with headphones on to increase the mood.

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