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Introducing… Queen Kwong

Queen Kwong
Queen Kwong

Following her well-received debut album “Love Me To Death”, Queen Kwong, returns with a new twisted dark rock track to signal the next chapter of her music career. Her dream-like vocals are soft and alluring, whilst her guitar work is always taut and tense like it’s about to explode out in a frenzy. Queen Kwong got her music career underway over a decade ago through a chance meeting with Nine Inch Nails and being able to open for them on two tours. What’s more interesting is that she has recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which of course affects the lungs. Kwong like’s her music do the talking though and new single “Raptures” does just that.

Enjoy the single “Raptures” below.  She’s on tour across the UK in July.

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