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Joyner – Joyner Review


Soothing voices that hush and coo their way over chilled out dream pop – that’s how I’d describe Joyner’s self-titled debut EP. Sisters Summer and Torrey compliment each other perfectly with a careful vocal performance that has an element of cuteness and warmth to it but is mainly airy and serene. As the voices are so delicate, the music has to match and so the whole EP has a dreamlike quality to it, removing the bass out of each track and focusing on lush sweeping synths and drums with a lot of reverb. It works really well.

Opener “White Lights” is a great introduction, as is the very catchy “Blue Love” which gives a meatier tom drum filled chorus and vocal riff. I’m not sure if Faery Pop is a genre – but this is what I’d imagine it to be. Light, fluffy, calming, but with an adult sensibility to it.  The opening duo is a combo that fills that side of the EP. “Welcome to Your Life Your A Star” is more acoustic pop with simple chord progressions of acoustic guitars and pianos like a blissed-out Vanessa Carlton. Joyner even has that talk-singing style that Carlton does so well down to a tee. Add in their penchant for filler “oohs” that end up purposely off key to add that sense of melancholy and fatigue – and you have everything in place to appeal perfectly to that market. Rounding off with “Baby How’s Your Day”, the girls push the cinematic pop harder with bigger production, more complex loops and an emotional finale. Whilst the earlier songs maybe easier and hookier to get into, its this track that shows Joyner’s potential most because it’s their fullest and most evolved track on the EP. Without it, the other tracks are great, but it’d feel a little one trick – so this gives me great delight to see where Joyner go in the future.

Joyner’s debut EP is a strong one. What they do, they do very well. By making their tracks a little more complex, they’ll be onto a winning formula and will amass a following very quickly I’m sure. Great potential. One for piano pop lovers.

Recommended track: Blue Love

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Joyner - Joyner


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