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Introducing… Albecq


Albecq is the project name for three music producers that have got together to share their love of synths. Angus MacRae, James Jones and Thom Robson are all London based producers that wanted to go back to vintage synths and explore making a modern day classical ambience with them. The result is the forthcoming album “A Distant, Guiding Sun” which is set to send us on an unhurried, spacious journey around the cosmos. The lead single LACE is absolutely beautiful. It’s mixture of sculpting pads that feel like an intergalactic pillow play perfectly alongside the percussive electric piano melodies. As they’ve all worked with orchestras or string bands before, you can really hear the classical tilts throughout.

“A Distant Guided Sun” is currently due for release on 7th September and you preorder through Bandcamp. The single LACE is available to stream below. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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