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Sleepspent – It’s Better If You Don’t Speak or Think Review


It’s not often I hear of a band from El-Paso popping onto my radar but that is where our trio of today’s music hail from. Sleepspent are an indie rock band that borrows plenty of reverb to make their sound feel fuller and dreamier. Suddenly an electro-acoustic rock piece that’s just three people sounds like a five-piece post-rock dream team. Their sound really clicked with me and their new EP “It’s Better If You Don’t Speak or Think” showcases the band perfectly.

“Something” is a great radio viable rock track. The guitar riffs come quickly and the interplay of different vocals that swirl around build up nicely. Austin North, who is the guitarist and songwriter, knows exactly what effects pedal to push and enjoy at what time and the tracks remind me of The Cure and Radiohead having a threesome with Jeff Buckley. The Cure because the tracks ultimately have a strong hook with a twist to them, Radiohead because of the guitar effects and crunchiness of the electric guitars when they take over and Jeff Buckley from a vocal perspective. It shows more in “Roots” which is more of a broodier track that lyrically stings at today’s world of “shh and get in line” mentality to not speak up. The complete opposite is earworm “Come Smile With Me” which is a summer anthem at its finest and feels timeless and captivating. “Stars” reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots. The vocals are very Scott as they fly and soar before giving way to an uplifting guitar solo and huge drums aplenty. It’s the real stadium set closer of the EP where you could wave a lighter to it or mosh to oblivion. “Cracking” is an acoustic guitar and vocal track but it’s pacey – not a ballad. That voice is sublime. Often with rock music you can get by with emotion only, but Sleepspent across the board have talented musicians, not just with North’s guitar and vocals, but with Cecilia Otero and Josh Mendoza kicking butt elsewhere too. Their precision is spot on. Closing off the EP “What’s The Rush?” plays with time signatures switching from what feels like a waltzing 3/3 to a 4/4 every two lines. It’s the most chilled track on the EP and has the blues running through it,. It’s a nice change on pace and shows the breadth that Sleepspent can offer.

IBIYDSOT is a great gateway EP for Sleepspent. Each track is full to the brim with musical talent, great production and tons of emotion. I’m quite picky with rock bands but Sleepspent burst through the noise of everyone to provide something quite special. Ability and emotion combined. I can’t wait to hear more.

Recommended track: Come Smile With Me

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Sleepspent - It's Better If You Don't Speak or Think


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