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Introducing… Charm of Finches

Charm of Finches
Charm of Finches

Aussie duo Ivy and Mabel form the haunting folk chantresses of Charm of Finches. Their voices are beautiful and have the ability to flit from young innocence to something a little more darker and creepy without a moments notice. This is shown up perfectly in their new single The Bridge which starts off with just voice and guitar but opens up to a wonderful collage of different vocal patterns, string arrangements and creepy glockenspiel too that would be utterly charming if it weren’t for how delicate the whole sections with them in sound. What’s superb is that both Ivy and Mabel play all the instruments as well as compose and sing – it’s quite unusual to know everything is played by just these two and you can feel the intimate knowledge of each song they put out.

The Bridge is out to buy now and hopefully will be followed up with an EP or album release. Charm of Finches is currently touring Australia promoting the single so check that out if your in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra.

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