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Introducing… Hero Fisher

Hero Fisher

Hero Fisher (what a real name – props to the parents!) blurs the line between danceable dark dance music and gritty rock in a way I love. Her single “If I Die and Nothing Happens” from her upcoming sophomore album “Glue Moon” has a cheap and dirty drum machine and bass line that sounds like the kind of filth you’ll get in a back alley. Quickly after its opening crawl so much bleeds in with the lyrics and the other instrumentation to move the track from the dark alley to something more free-flowing and cathartic. It’s left me really intrigued to grab her previous album and see what’s cooking for the new album.

Enjoy the video for “If I Die and Nothing Happens” below. Beware, there’s a lot of flashing light in it as well as some of best worst masks to grace a Blue Peter stage displayed within!

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