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Introducing… Ani Glass

Ani Glass

It’s not often I get to enjoy Welsh language music that isn’t in the vein of traditional folk music and as a Brit that makes me sad. This is why I’m delighted to introduce Ani Glass to everyone as a new artist to discover the Welsh tongue through with her shimmering take on electronica and synth pop. The single “Peririanwaith Perffaith” – which translates as Perfect Machinery – takes on that mechanical edge with rubbery bass line pulses and twisted 80’s disco whistles and synths that warble in a detuned fashion. Ani’s vocals are ethereal and layered up in a way that makes it difficult to know what language she’d be singing in anyway but I love the sci-fi future tones of it all.

Enjoy the single below. Ani Glass releases it on the 26th of October.

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