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Raoul Vignal returns with new album and preview single

Raoul Vignal
Raoul Vignal

One of my favourite discoveries of 2017 was the hushed beauty of Raoul Vignal’s melodic guitar and voice. His ability to make music that is both calm and soothing whilst having a witching hour quality hanging around in the aftertaste absolutely drew me in. His album “The Silver Veil” was on my top albums of 2017 list and sooner than expected he is returning with a new album. Releasing on 16th of November, his new album entitled “Oak Leaf” is set to expand on his folk roots to be a more fully instrumented work, whilst keeping his decidedly French way of doing things close to his heart. In one of the best partnerships I’ve heard of in ground roots music, Raoul’s label Tailtres has partnered with a microbrewery in France to produce their own special beer and will be showcasing a tasting of it with Vignal playing his new album on set in Bordeaux and Paris. If you are in France that sounds like a fab place to be next month.

The rest of us can instead enjoy his lead single “I Have Sinned” below. Quite simply – I am excited.

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