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Introducing… Beauty In Chaos

Beauty In Chaos is an interesting collaborative effort that centres around guitarist Michael Ciravolo. Ciravolo is the through blood and across the debut album works with a collection of other musicians as featured artists to give different flavours of rock that often touch on that glorious 4AD shoegaze time of the late 80’s. It’s not exclusive to that type of rock though and its the width and breadth of Beauty In Chaos that really impresses me as whatever rock is going on, Ciravolo and producer Michael Rozon make it pop. I’ve taken their second single from the album “Finding Beauty in Chaos” as it excellently placed Tish, Michael’s wife, onto guest vocals and she gives an excellent performance.

Enjoy “Look Up” and its music video below. The album comes out on the 30th of November and a review will follow on in December on Higher Plain Music.

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