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Lydmor – The Story Remixed Review

A remix album to take you back to the dance floor

Lydmor’s second album ‘I Told You I’d Tell Them Our Story’ was one my favourite albums of 2018. The Danish synth pop meets dark Asian clubber vibe hit a really cool niche with me and my love for it has grown deeper since I reviewed it upon each play. Returning with a remix EP of five of the tracks is welcome for new fans, although as with all remix works I always recommend starting with the original material first.


‘Money Towers (Pole Foder Remix)’ is the longest and most club-like track on the EP. It’s driving beat and monotone first half instils a rhythmic zen state that then gives way to a revving bass synth melody and vocals from the original track. ‘Soft Islands (F.K. Remix)’ takes the spacious first half of the original and adds some chunky beats to it before evolving into a drum n bass end. I’d have preferred more of a blasting finale from it though as the original has that epic feeling in spades. ‘Killing Time (Sune Rose Wagner Remix)’ is a great track, beefing up and simplifying the instruments so everything feels crunchier and grittier. ‘Claudia (Farveblind Remix)’ adds plenty of abstract wub-wub to the original with some excellent frequency effects to the vocals. The surprise comes from ‘Shanghai Roar (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)’ which turns the track into a dreamy bubbling trickle of arpeggios and manipulated vocals. It’s a beautiful rendition and along with the previous two tracks, make it worth the price of admission.

Fans of Lydmor will enjoy these alternative versions. They are suitably different enough to feel like new pieces and whilst they don’t exceed the originals, they are worthy of your time.

Recommended track: Shanghai Roar (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)

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Lydmor - The Story Remixed



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