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GEA – Snow Review

GEA popped onto my radar previous with a promising album which alluded to something more cohesive with strength later down the line. Now returning with EP ‘Snow’, GEA turns her muses towards winter and a more angelic Nordic glisten.


‘Time’ opens the EP excellently with light pixie breath vocals, lullaby inducing melodies but a driving drum track to insert a rolling urgency with the track too. It’s initial strangeness quickly endeared it to me though as the track pulls you in over repeated listens. ‘Snow’ holds the ethereal space that GEA is clearly going for and that I enjoyed from her previous album. She combines it with Nordic medieval strings and harp to veer gently towards pagan folk but with that piano pop vibe underneath. ‘In Memoriam’ leads with huge drums and organs whilst GEA channels Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins. Her voice ooh’s and squeals as it bleeds around the speaks playfully and in abundance. That leads us onto the folksy ‘Blueberry Sky’ which plays out like an Irish jig before the gentle piano ballad of ‘Untrue’ rounds off the EP. GEA’s voice is at its best when it is in a song that is unconstrained by a rigid melody and so whilst these are good tracks, it’s the earlier trio that spoke most to me.

GEA takes another step forward with ‘Snow’. She cited Agnes Obel as an inspiration for this collection of songs and you can hear and feel it. GEA, however, brings a far more Cocteau Twin flavour to that sound and when it works, it’s fantastic.

Recommended track: Time

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GEA - Snow



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