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Eve Maret – No More Running Review

A journey down a psychedelic time warp

Eve Maret is an electronic musician and manipulator of sound. Returning with her second album ‘No More Running’, which had a limited pressing last year, the definitive version of the album is a celestial mash-up of melodic weirdness.

Probably the best description of more established artists to inform you of what Eve Maret sounds like would be if Jenny Hval and Royksopp were babysitting Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. It begins with the tempo swaying opening ‘Sound of Space Between’. The fuzzy bells, chirpy drums and ethereal vocals invigorate and sooth equally. It feels psychedelic and spacey but like the track is barely hanging onto itself. That feeling is better felt with the groovy synth disco of ‘Letters from Christopher Richard’. There is a section between the hypnotic basslines where all the synths, chords and noise tone dive down the octaves and then warp out of control. It’s superbly put together. ‘I Can’t Hear What U Don’t Say’ is like a Knife track with Casio vocoders. A murderous bop.

Eve Maret

The album then moves into some electronic drone sections. The dark bubbles of ‘No More Running’ drill away like a post-apocalyptic march before ‘Feminine Intuition’ pulls towards a trippy new age electronic raj. That brings us to the huge 9 minute ‘The Pause Before Let Go’. It’s a quietly aggressive track that plays on your senses as tight mini-melodies repeat over and over – slowly twisting around themselves. Over the nine minutes, the arpeggios slowly morph into organ chords too so your leave the track feeling glossy and holy.

From there we move into ambient heaven with light industrial hums of ‘Cosmonaut’ and then the beautifully angelic vocal layers of ‘Many Moons’. The latter has Eve Maret transform her voice gently into a harmonium styled organ. Crazy electronica experiments return Kaitlyn style with ‘Pink Ray’ and the uprising wash of ‘My Own Pace’ before the album closes out with new age hippy synths on ‘Memoriam’. Each of these three tracks revels in using abstract bleeps, crunchy percussion and in the case of the latter track, some beautiful reverb.

Ever Maret has created a beautiful beast with ‘No More Running’. Whilst the more straight forward (if you can call them that) synth-pop tracks are very welcome, Eve’s time in an electric world of her own is both beautiful and unsettling. It depends entirely on what your ears pick up on and that can change with each listen. A superb piece of work.

Recommended track: Letters From Christoper Richard

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Eve Maret - No More Running



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