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K-Conjog – Dum Bow Review

Four twisted dance chords

K-Conjog popped onto my radar towards the end of 2018 with his excellently titled album ‘Magical Spooky Ears’. Returning with his brand of kooky electronica, K-Conjog’s new EP ‘Dum Bow’ continues to show his experimental side is in full force.

‘Gently’ opens the EP with a simple four-chord pattern that continues to distort itself out of control. First, it chews itself up, then it breaks into an arpeggiator like a Commodore 64. All the while vocal snippets that start of gentle then rip themselves up too. It’s anything but gentle! ‘Slashes III’ sounds like an instrumental Iamamiwhoami track. The synths and beats are big and dramatic and it feels like a waltzing rave. ‘Odayaka’ then merges the two tracks together in tone. We have happy beats and raving synths and sirens alongside more muted tones. Its relentless pace builds on you as the track brings in radio noise chatter and traffic sounds as if you are stuck in the best party rush hour known to man. The EP then closes with ‘Same Old Grace (PressPlayOnTape Version’ which slows everything down to a vocoder synth pop edge. Its poppy vibes are in a melting pot of weird barking vinyl snaps and clever processing so when it all comes together at the end it feels uplifting.

Whilst K-Conjog is clearly having fun mis-naming dance music as calm numbers, what stands out is how he can take a simple chord pattern and make something unique with it. Whilst the melodies themselves are never revolutionary, it’s the production and twisted noise craft that pulls me in. This is as good a place as any to start listening and to become a fan.

Recommended track: Odayaka

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K-Conjog - Dum Bow



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