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Introducing… Las Aves

You need a change of doggo...

Las Aves seem to make electro-pop songs that are ear worms. They get stuck in your head but unlike many of them, they stay on the right side of scream-worthy. Back with their second single from the forthcoming album, ‘A Change of Heart’ reminds me of Lydmor and the late night club vibe where cultures mix and melt. Las Aves play around with their sound a lot and their previous single ‘You Need A Dog’ is a great send-up of post-breakup culture. Be sure to have a look at that track too but in my personal opinion ‘A Change of Heart’ is the one with staying power.

Both will be on Las Aves’ new album ‘I’ll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It’. It’s currently pencilled in for release on the 30th of August. Enjoy the excellent music video below.

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