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Miss Red – The Four Bodies Review

If Jenny Hval went to Latin America

Miss Red is a real enigma. I stumbled across her music earlier in the year with her haunting reggaeton urban punk cross over track ‘Loco’. Her music has an aggressive tilt to it with its grimy production but that is half the charm.

Miss Red

For three of the four tracks on ‘The Four Bodies’ you have Miss Red rapping to distorted beats. With ‘Shut In Your Head’ the tone moves quickly from darkwave rapper to Eastern chant as she repeats the title over and over with Eastern flair. It’s danceable but certainly nothing you’d find in a club. ‘Loco’ is like Gazelle Twin went urban. The ever descending tones of the drums as the buzz in and out gives a claustrophobic feeling but not without getting its groove on. ‘Don’t Text Back’ then see’s the poise of the first two tracks give way to their inherent hypnotic qualities. This track lets Miss Red transition to more of a softer singing tone as the synths swirl around and the beats reverb around you slowly. It’s like a slow motion pill. However, my favourite track by far is the stunning ambient closer ‘Prayers’. It pulls in everything from the 4AD masterpiece ‘This Mortal Coil’ and runs with it. The synths, the echoes, the disembodied voices – it’s beautifully gothic and creates a world to be lost in.

Miss Red is so difficult to recommend to certain audiences. I think those who enjoy gothic music, Gazelle Twin and perhaps Jenny Hval if she made a holiday album in the Caribbean would all be on board. ‘Prayers’ is ambient gold though.

Recommended track: Prayers

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Miss Red - The Four Bodies



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