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Video Vault – Jesca Hoop

Returning like a ninja

Whilst I didn’t fall heavily in love with Jesca Hoop’s most last album ‘Memories Are Now’, it did grow on me over time. Jesca returned last month with a new single (and dropped another one today actually which is beautifully sweet) and this corker of a music video!

‘Red White and Black’ is a tense and cathartic track which sips from different moods. The music video starts off with Jesca writing music when all of a sudden ninjas smash in and kick off a brawl. From there she and her ninja buddy fight off the attackers before looking like they may become enemies of each other. Wait for the guitar to the face moment – it is very satisfying! The single comes from the forthcoming album ‘Stonechild’ which is releasing on the 5th of July. I’ll be picking it up for review and I’ll be seeing her live later this year.

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