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Introducing… Alessandro Cortini

Crispy synth loops that crawl by the inch

Best known for being the keyboard player for Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini has been releasing abstract solo material for numerous years. After his critically claimed 2017 album ‘Avanti’, Cortini is back with a new album ‘Volume Massimo’ which is due out on 27th September. Moving away from the glacial synth drones and pads of the last album, new single ‘Amore Amano’ is a curious glitching loop. The buzzing and hisses that loop around remind me of 8k ZX spectrum tape noises from the 80s. Giving it a wider post-electronica ambience is ringing electric guitar over the top.

Enjoy the single ‘Amore Amano’ below. Alessandro Cortini is also touring Europe with the new album and coming to one of my favourite London places (The Barbican) in October.

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