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Introducing… Iamthemorning


Although I’ve followed them for a short while, now is a great time to introduce you to Iamthemorning. They are Gleb on piano and Marjana on vocals and together they make chamber prog. Often creating introspective tracks around dark themes, I often think of them as the chamber folk version of Nightwish. Strip out the guitars and replace them with pianos and olde instruments and you’ll be close to Iamthemorning. Marjana’s voice is beautiful too.

Iamthemorning are releasing their new album ‘The Bell’ on the 2nd of August and have released two singles already. The second of these, ‘Song of Psyche’ has a beautifully animated music video to go with it. This is the softer, ballad tinged side of the duo but the song is superb. Enjoy it below and the album is available for pre-order in the video links.

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