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Brudini returns with new single

Soul dancing

Earlier this year I discovered new artist Brudini and found his debut single to be one of the strongest tracks I’d heard from a new artist in ages. Brudini returns with ‘Emotional Outlaw’. as psyche-jazz number that belongs as much in the GoGo Penguin world as it does the alt-pop rock. The music video features a war of feelings and emotions with an androgynous character which bizarrely was blocked from being supported by Facebook because it was deemed ‘political’. To that, I wave two fingers at censorship of that kind. Have an open and honest debate – don’t close it down. That’s why we are in such a noisy world of dividedness.

Anyway… ‘Emotional Outlaw’ is all kinds of groovy and is also from the forthcoming debut album coming out later this year. I’ll be definitely picking up on launch but the single itself is out now.

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