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Introducing… Theo Bard

A track you dont want to forget

London based producer Theo Bard is returning with his new EP ‘INKUS’ later this year and to whet the appetite his downtrodden electro-pop single ‘Forget’ has been released. Its mix of processed and unprocessed vocals and swirling keyboards and guitars pull the track around in your head cleverly. Sometimes it feels focused with pinpoint accuracy, other times hazy and discombobulated. Think SOHN on a downer with deeper vocals and you are halfway there.

The music video for ‘Forget’ is equal trippy with a literal head creeping its way back into the frame. It reminded me of the phrase ‘its reared its ugly head again’. The fact Theo says the tracks about post-relationship stress when your ex is plopped right in front of you and your not quite over them yet. Enjoy the single and video below – it is out now.

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